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About Time for Teaching

This podcast was born out of a desire to find alternate ways of connecting with our community in a time when we need connection and social interaction and support more than ever.  It's the product of combining our longing for collegial academic conversations with our love for podcasts and information sharing.  This podcast aims to select topics and ideas, supplement them with curated research and resources, and put them into context of teaching and learning at Georgian.  
Sounds easy enough...right?

About Us

Hi, Kelly & Kim here. Just wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves.  The focus of the podcast is on education, educators, teaching and learning, human connection, and so much more, and definitely not on us.  But, when we listen to podcasts, we like to know a little about who we are listening to and in a way, conversing with.  So we thought we'd share a little about us, and what brought us to teaching, and this podcast, and what motivates us to keep coming back for more.


Straight-shooting, real-talking, infectious-laughing, fun-loving former dental hygienist turned educator, turned coordinator, turned faculty developer and more! Kelly is fun, like really fun, but backs that up with mad skills too. 

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Reality tv-watching, laundry-hating, hug-loving, boy mom-ing extrovert seeking friends who appreciate green tea, reading (specifically the literary equivalent of Hallmark movies/romance novels), and anything related to teaching and learning!

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Georgian's Centre for Teaching & Learning

Kelly & Kim work as a part of the team at Georgian's Centre for Teaching and Learning  or CTL (/see-tell/).  The mission of CTL is to facilitate academic professional development, but team also does so much more...

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