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Hi. I'm Kelly.

Faculty Developer - Georgian CTL

Hi! I’m Kelly Fox, a faculty developer with the Centre for Teaching and Learning. I would say I am a lifelong learner. I started my educational journey with a Bachelor of Science degree from Trent University. I quickly realized I wasn’t going to walk into a full time job so I literally opened the Georgian College course book to browse programs I would like to take. I completed the one-year dental assisting program while caring for my one-year-old son- ah youth! I worked in private practice for a few years but decided to go back to school full-time to the Georgian Dental Hygiene program. This time I completed the program with a 3 year old and 1 year old-not even sure how!! After a few years as a professional dental hygienist, I started teaching part time and then in 2002 I started full-time. I continued to maintain private practice to maintain my skills. In 2008, I completed my Master of Education degree from Memorial University. It was completely online and I had an amazing experience. While I had good and not so good classes, it was this experience cemented my love of online learning.

I have held a variety of positions with Georgian including faculty, coordinator, interprofessional lead, curriculum developer and now my dream job, faculty developer. Teaching and learning is complex and messy. I love working with faculty to explore new and different ways to create safe and engaging learning environments. Teaching is not simply the linear transfer of information but the creation of an interactive and engaging journey of discovery whereby students challenge the information, engage in thoughtful discourse and reflect on their experiences.

As a faculty developer, I continually look for ways to connect with faculty. We are all diverse learners and need a variety of ways to learn. This could mean reading, attending a course, watching a video and listening to a podcast. Part of my own professional development is listening to podcasts. I love how current they are, how they offer different perspectives, how I can hear from people all around the world, and how I can do this on my own time, when it fits my schedule. My goal for this podcast is to provide another point of access to information and resources about teaching and learning while supporting a sense of community. I am super excited to start this journey with Kim.   

Hi. I'm Kim.

Faculty Developer

And I’m thrilled to be here. I was introduced to the world of podcasts a few years ago by my husband who, at the time, was commuting and filled his driving time with podcasts about marketing and business, crime, current events, and pretty much anything he could get his hands on. I started listening to one of his favourites, Armchair Expert with Dax Shepherd on my own (thankfully much shorter) drives, and soon found myself plugging in to listen on a walk, while folding laundry (ugh!), and sometimes even listening in the background while I’m working.

My love for podcasts began with an interest in peeking behind the curtain and learning about celebrity’s interests, history, and experience in their industry, but my interest quickly shifted to podcasts for professional and personal development. I’m still a loyal ArmCherrie (Armchair Expert listener), but find myself gravitating much more towards the Experts on Experts episodes, and also started branching out to other (now favourite) podcasts like Teaching in Higher Ed, Unlocking Us with Brene Brown, and WorkLife with Adam Grant.

I was an avid reader as a child and in my teens and early twenties but found that once I started pursuing higher education, having children (three busy boys to be exact) and working full-time in education, my time for pleasure reading, or reading in general some days was and is so limited. I know that my love for more traditional reading will be reignited one day, but for now, listening to podcasts is a way for me to entertain and educate myself simultaneously.

In speaking with Kelly a few times about podcast episodes we were loving and finding interesting, inspiring, or both, we saw an opportunity to offer the Georgian community a podcast made by Georgian for Georgian where we can (and hope to) bring resources and information, share stories and ideas, and offer another avenue for connection in what can sometimes feel like lonely times in the teaching world. Physical distancing may be a part of our new (hopefully temporary) normal, but social distancing, and connection with our colleagues and peers doesn’t have to be.

I feel incredibly grateful to be a part of this podcast, and to be working with Kelly, who is insightful, thoughtful, kind, hilarious, and who has not been afraid to challenge ideas, herself, and me in our time together so far. I hope that you’ll find these conversations as enjoyable to listen to as they have been to plan, prep, and record.

On a personal note, I describe myself as a mother of boys, lover of learning, treadmill trekker, amateur photographer, and happiness enthusiast. Most of my time outside of work is spent navigating through life with my sports-fanatic husband, as we try to move fast enough to keep up with our very active and adventurous boys, and try to slow down enough to soak in every second of our time with them. Or at least the ones where they're not driving us crazy.  As a family we love taking our dog, Atticus, for walks, hiking, biking, swimming, singing, LEGO, and movie nights. Everyday with this crew makes me feel challenged and exhausted, and so incredibly happy and loved all at once – parenting sure is a wild ride!

All in all, I’m happy to be here, and so grateful that you’re interested in coming along for the ride.
Looking forward to connecting with you soon, 

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Our focus is on internal and external PD that leads to improved student learning through improved teaching and learning practices, systems, and support. 
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