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About the Time for Teaching Podcast

The what, why, and how.

We are so excited to be sharing this space with you, and hope that you might find a little something interesting, important, inspiring, or even just intriguing in the time we spend together.

This podcast was born out of a passion for teaching and learning, and the recognition of how despite our best and most sincere intentions, sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything we’d like to. Previously, we attended PD, we read, we connected and collaborated, and we used a variety of outlets and mediums to learn, share, and grow. For some of us, the option to adapt to virtual or online versions of these learning opportunities are still readily available, yet for others, opportunities to attend, participate and engage in synchronous sessions may be limited (by a number of factors). So, our hope is that these brief, but action-packed podcast episodes can provide snippets or introductions to topics of interest, can provide curated, Georgian-specific information in a buffet-format, and can help folks to stay connected and involved in PD in a way that is a little more manageable for today.

We have a number of goals for this podcast; including transparency, authenticity, fun, and a recognition that sometimes we will explore topics without coming to a solution or without finding an answer, and we’re cool with that. We want this to be a space for honest exploration, for passionate discussions, for disagreeing and/or not having answers, a space for learning, growth, chatting, reflecting, collaboration and fun. The world of education seems to be simultaneously stable and fluid, grounded in foundation, but evolving before our eyes. We want to explore the topics that stand the test of time in education, and dive into the wavy waters of change and innovation to see what works, why, and how we can use these news ideas and technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience here, at Georgian.

So whether you're sitting at your desk, out for a walk, folding laundry (ugh!), or whatever you're doing, we thank you for spending some time with us, and hope that you'll find this podcast informative, entertaining, and fun (or at least one of the three). 

We’re excited to be here, and appreciate you taking the time to join us. We also would love to hear from you. Have an idea? Something to add? A topic you’d like to join us to discuss – we're here and would love to hear from you!  

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Huge shout out and MANY MANY thanks to Kate's incredibly talented and insanely generous friend Mike Manny for allowing us to use his song "Huh?" for our intro and exit music.

"Huh?" - Composed by Mike Manny
Copyright © 1993 Mike Manny Music (SOCAN). All rights reserved. 
We invite you to check out Mike's website, and to explore more of his music and talent! . 
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